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Who We Are

Public Assistants is a mutual aid network, design lab, and resistance hub.

Founded on June 6, 2020 as an organizing base in response to the confluence of the COVID-19 pandemic and global socio-political uprising, PA has both led and partnered a number of community initiatives since its recent inception.

Among them, a paid youth mural residency program to empower and employ young community members through public art making, an open call radio program, a free bike repair and refurbish initiative, a community fridge and garden, toy and coat drives, hot meal/care package distribution, and wellness workshops for collective care and resilience.

In addition to community programming, our eclectic team of artists, makers, organizers, and builders have the capacity to design, produce, and fabricate just about anything.

Capabilities include:

- Banners, sets, and media for protest and direct action
- Murals
- Visual media
- Photography
- Videography
- Garment design
- Sustainable green design

All of our services to QTBIPOC members of the community are pro-bono and donation based.

Our work in the wild

Public Assistants, a Resistance Community Space, Opens in Crown Heights
- Curbed

The Black Pages - Interview Magazine

Where We’re At - Art Forum


Necessity is the mother of invention, and Public Assistants is it’s daughter.

Born from the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Assistants is built to grow within its community, and we understand that we cannot thrive if we do not first understand.

Programming must respond to the needs of those around us. Envisioned as a space for those that need it most. Public Assistants is a space for artists.

For too long BIPOC creatives, artists, makers and doers have found themselves unwelcome and sidelined.

Public Assistants will be a space for them with programming designed by them, led by them and built by them.

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